Women In Leadership Institute

Women In Leadership Institute

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As a female leader, you are faced with unmatched challenges that many pretend do not exist.  You know better because you use it every single day.  This development seminar focuses on self-leadership, women's empowerment, staying cool under fire, confidence-building and positioning for leadership in both your personal and professional lives. This seminar is offered once annually and is limited to 15 participants to support the interactive format and allow participants to leave with exactly what they need.  Facilitated by Sudden Impact Solution's CEO and International Women's Leadership Coach, Dr. Catherine Barnes, this powerful training will provide the strategies to exude confidence and be assertive in corporations, churches, organizations, and in your own business.

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    February 21-22, 2014 Jacksonville, Florida
    Topics Include:
    •Living a life with passion, power and purpose
    •The importance of courage-Finding your strength to lead
    •Creating a personal brand
    •Women as leaders: the new paradigm
    •Understanding and leveraging diversity
    •Who said women's can't do it? Success stories
    •Overcoming the I'm Not Good Enough Syndrome
    •Unleashing the strength to lead
    •Personal power: where it comes from and how to use it!
    •Charting and manifesting your destiny
    •Mastering the assertive 'NO' (without guilt)
    •Strengthen emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills
    •Personal leadership skills and effectiveness
    •Handling personal transition and change
    •Tapping into internal resources
    •How to feel the emotion but harness the behavior
    •The secrets of assertiveness without being pushy
    •Recognizing personal cues that signal weakness
    •Reducing stress and embracing wellness
    •Fostering collaboration in communication and interpersonal relationships
    •Becoming an inspiring manager and leader
    •Stepping into your potential and greatest success
    •Shifting through challenges with men and other women
    •Creating YOUR OWN strategic vision and goals
    •Increasing your self-worth and understanding your value




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