The "Life After" Institute

The "Life After" Institute

Fear of change and uncertainty can be debilitating and send you into a complete tailspin. Although transitions happen every day some of them remove us from our place of comfort and lead us to a place of emotional and social instability. This does not have to be your fate.  This seminar offers tools and helps you to rekindle the strength to move forward confidently and without compromise. This seminar helps you to plan for transitional periods by understanding change, setting your priorities, forgiving yourself and others, and realizing the positives waiting for you both in you process and on the other side of change.  You learn to uncover what matters most and how to go get it despite the shifts in your life.  You will learn strategies to help you to release yourself from guilt, limits, and shame so that you are free to live your best days "after" your transition is complete.  Together we will give you the tools you will need to make it to the other side of your process.  There is so much more life to live on the other side of transition.  Let us walk with you and show you how to enjoy the journey.    
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    Seminar topics include:
    • Uncovering your true stress
    • Separating “You” from your circumstances
    • Life after divorce
    • Life after the death of a loved one
    • Life after becoming unemployed
    • Life after abuse
    • Life after disappointment
    • Life after a personal struggle
    • The new rules of dating
    • The new rules of the workplace
    • The new you: Watch out World




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