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Raising Good Kids In Bad Times

Raising Good Kids In Bad Times

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A parent's greatest fear is losing a child to violence, drugs, or worse. The only thing worse is sitting in a school or in courtroom because they have harmed someone else or is otherwise unsuccessful.  No parent ever kisses their newborn thinking "gosh, I hope this child is a poor student,drug dealer, addicted, or a pregnant teen."  Despite what is going on all around you, you can have great kids who are respectful and strong enough to withstand the pressures they encounter right underneath your nose. This seminar helps you to understand the realities of life from a youth's perspective, find ways to build self confidence, helps you to set boundaries, teaches you how to develop long and short range goals for your kids and your family, and helps to establish manners and respect that will make them the child everyone wishes they had. You will receive a workbook filled with goal setting, planning, communication, and empowerment exercises that help make establishing success in your home a breeze. 
  • Details

    Topics Include
    •Setting Boundaries
    •The Talks of Life: When? & How?
    •Helping Kids Set Goals
    •Understanding Our Kid’s Reality
    •The Myths of Social Media
    •June Cleaver v. Super Mom
    •The Art of “NO”
    •Exposure and Experience
    •The Tech Native Mentality
    •Peer v. Parent Pressure




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