Personal &  Business Relationships/Diversity

Personal & Business Relationships/Diversity

People quit people before they quit their job so building and maintaining a climate of commitment over compliance is crucial to overall success. The line between professionalism and personal is often blurred when trying to provide a "productive" work environment.  We help you to develop strategies, set boundaries, and bring out the best in your team.  Great for new leaders and those needing to boost production.  We work with leaders and teams and help you to address workplace language, work ethic, aligning expectations with performance, conducting empowering and redirection conferences, and setting goals. Sudden Impact Solutions has certified professionals ready to work with you to improve both personal and professional outcomes.  
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    Prices are set based on services and sessions required to complete program goals. A base price per hour is standard. A free 30 minute consultation is available for new, individual coaching clients. Limit one free session per client/family/business. Coaching/consulting/support sessions can be conducted virtually or in person if appropriate. Final prices are determined after an initial evaluation of client needs. Needs assessments are confidential and come with a standard confidentiality agreement.




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