Entrepreneur Institute2: Brand, Market, & Sale Now

Entrepreneur Institute2: Brand, Market, & Sale Now

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 Are you thinking of starting a new business, building or branding an existing business, or looking for new ways to brand and market yourself and/or your products?  Do you want to make sure your message resonates clearly and consistently with your target audience? If this sounds like you, contact us today.  During this inspiring 2 day institute we will help you establish or build your brand and share clever ways to communicate your value through creative marketing. You will complete activities designed to help focus your efforts and determine your primary and secondary products or services.  You will also explore common sales engagement and networking methods and establish what work best for your personality, style, and your ideal client.  Previous participants have shared that they leave empowered and prepared with a toolkit of examples, samples, a number of tangible resources and a network of new friends.  To ensure each participant gets personal attention, this training is offered once annually and is limited to 15 attendees so register now.     
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    Jacksonville, Florida
    The following topics will be covered during this seminar:
    •The Power of Branding
    •Defining Your Brand. What Are You Telling the Your Clients About You?
    •Are You a Marketable Product-Uncovering Your Image
    •Entrepreneurship 101-Pulling the Pieces Together
    •The Verbal & Non-Verbal Message.Communicating What You Intended
    •Social Media Traps and Treasures
    •Packaging and Presenting Your Product
    •Why YOU? Understanding Your Competition
    •Aligning Your Values, Purpose & Personality- Are You In the Business You Think You Are In?
    •Building Client Loyalty
    •Affiliate Marketing to Grow Your Business and Increase Traffic Flow
    •The 3 Steps to a Killer Marketing Message
    •Understanding and Reaching YOUR target Market
    •Words to NEVER use in Your Marketing Campaign
    • Creating Product Support
    •Winning with Your Website- Must Haves and Must Not’s!
    •The New Work of Networking- Getting it Done in 30 Seconds
    •Using Apps and Smart Phones to Maximize Productivity & Presence
    •Using Technology to Expand Your Business Beyond Boundaries
    •Videos, Testimonials, and Demonstrations-Using YouTube and More
    •Designing Marketing Materials for YOUR Market
    •Making Payments Easy and Convenient- New Ways to Collect Your Money
    •Know Yourself- Identifying and Eliminating Distractions
    •Designing Your Marketing Tools- Finding a Format that Works
    Establishing Your Marketing Pattern- Creating Expectations




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