Entrepreneur Institute1: Starting Your New Busines

Entrepreneur Institute1: Starting Your New Busines

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Are you looking to turn your passion into a potential stream of income? Thinking of starting a new venture? Interested in expanding your company? Are you unsure, nervous, or simply need a boost to get started? If you answered yes to these questions then this institute is for you. Gain the confidence, information, and tools needed to take your idea or your existing business to the next level.  This event is limited to 15 attendees to ensure each participant gets personal attention and support. You will participate in engaging exercises as you are led through activities using templates designed to get you thinking and planning for success.   The strategies and tips you gain will save you both time and money.  Our goal is to have you leave confident, focused, and equipped to turn your dream into your profit.  Sign up today. 
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     Jacksonville, Florida
    Topics Include:
    •Starting a Business? Ready, Set, Ohhhh...
    •Entrepreneurship? What it is and isn't?
    •Turning Your Dream into Your Vision- Where Do You Start?
    •Mastering Paperwork, Websites, Social Media, & More for Business
    •F.O.C.U.S Model of Business and Personal Success
    •The Socio-Emotional Side of Business
    •Overcoming Fear, Finances, and Folks
    •Are You Really a Women and/or Minority-Owned Business-Gaining the Designation and What it Means
    •Looking the Part-Image, Materials, Marketing
    •Make Me a Believer-Selling "The Best" Products & Services
    •The 5 Q's of Beginning Business
    •Niche/Target Marketing
    •Free Social Media, Publicity, and Electronic Resources
    •Creating Credibility and Building Customer Loyalty
    •Industry Pricing-How to Ask For and Get What You Are Worth
    •Getting in the Door- Tricks to Building Your Client Lists
    •Time, Place, and Follow Ups-Establishing & Maintaining an Excellent Reputation
    •Layering in Social Media to Improve Your Bottom Line
    •Maximizing and Minimizing the Competition
    •Closing the Deal




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