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Empowered for Excellence Institute

Empowered for Excellence Institute

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This powerful two-day certification will be conducted by Dr. Catherine Barnes, CEO of Sudden Impact Solutions and PWN Certified International Author and International Life Coach. Based upon the best-selling book Starting Over: Learning to Love Yourself and principles from Sister, Why You Hate Me?, you will become invigorated as you learn to overcome toxic relationships, leave the past behind, embrace the importance of forgiveness and master how to increase self-confidence. When you leave, you are well on your way to living confidently beyond the shadows and making your level of excellence and expectation an unwavering  priority.
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    Jacksonville, Florida
    Topics Include:
    •Living a New Life of Confidence
    •Overcoming Hurt and Shame
    •Lessons From Failure
    •Avoiding Toxic Relationships
    •How to Increase Self-Esteem
    •Releasing the Ball & Chain- Learning to Forgive
    •Healing the Inner Child
    •How to Rebuild Your Life and Start Over
    •Living in the NOW
    •Setting Boundaries in Relationships
    •Self-Healing: Mind, Body & Spirit
    •Success in Spite of it All!
    •From Victim to Victory
    •Overcoming Jealousy and Envy
    •How to Live a Joyful Life




 Individual and Group Coaching, Consulting, Personal and Professional Development, Empowerment Training & Revitalization Retreats




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