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Meet the CEO and Our Featured Consultants
D R . C A T H E R I N E  B A R N E S

Dr. Catherine Barnes is President and CEO of Sudden Impact Solutions, LLC. She is an internationally

published author who conducts professional and personal development workshops and seminars that

have been presented throughout the United States and abroad. Workshop topics include: Save our Youth

& Teen Image, Women’s Issues, Diversity-Beyond Race, Women as Leaders, Self-Esteem Strategies,

Leadership Development and Conflict Navigation, Silos to Systems-Building Great Teams,

The Superwomen Syndrome, Emotional Wellness for Women, The Power of a Positive Attitude,

and Wellness and Stress Management, Help and Healing, Relationship Success and Release Strategies

and more.  Dr. Barnes is a member of the Professional Woman Network (PWN), E3 Business Group’s

Center for Entrepreneurial Development and has been certified by PWN as a Professional Coach,

Trainer, and Consultant.


Dr. Barnes’ knowledge of business, education, professionalism, women and teen issues, relationships,

and leadership is supported by over 23 years of experience. While working in the public school system,

with post-secondary institutions, as well as in the corporate and faith-based sectors she gained invaluable

real-world insight that has allowed her to empower and inspire change as a coach, trainer, speaker, and

consultant in individuals, schools, businesses, churches, non-profits, and various other civic, social, and

service organizations.  Her experiences as a mentor, teacher, principal, business owner, and community

engagement specialist have allowed her to supervise many employees and impact change in employee

groups, students, and communities alike.     Among her many accomplishments, Dr. Barnes has recently been appointed to the Professional Woman Network’s Board of Directors and has received the honor of Schultz Center Fellow awarded by the Schultz Center for Professional Development, Teaching and Learning. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Advertising and Marketing, Master of Arts Degree in Educational Leadership and a Doctoral Degree in Organizational Leadership with a Specialization in Human Resource Development and Conflict Resolution.


As a fulfillment realization strategist she also serves as a leadership and capacity building consultant and a supervising mentor who supports aspiring leaders. She is  a school accreditation specialist and certified Lead Evaluator serving AdvancED/SACS for many years.  Dr. Barnes provides professional development throughout the country on various topics related to student achievement strategies, cultural competency, organizational efficiency and culture, gender based practices, student and parent engagement, urban school leadership, and data collection, interpretation, and usage to positively impact instructional and organizational outcomes. While working in the public school system, with post-secondary institutions, as well as in the corporate and faith-based sectors she has gained invaluable real-world insight that has allowed her to empower and inspire change as a consultant in schools, businesses, churches, non-profits, and various other civic, social, and service organizations.


As CEO she ensures Sudden Impact Solutions’ certified staff consists of professional coaches, consultants, speakers, authors, and trainers who have a myriad of experiences making customizing programs to meet the specific needs of our diverse clientele the norm.  Our experienced team of trained professionals have a myriad of expertise and come from various backgrounds which makes Sudden Impact the premiere one-stop shop company to focus on the multidimensional needs of our vast clientele.  Committed to quality and better than expected service, Sudden Impact’s staff works collaboratively to design programs which provide our customers with the unique advantage of multiple approaches and years of experience.  Dr. Barnes' philosophy is to "leverage our resources and highlight our employees' strengths so that we may maximize our client’s experiences as we bridge the gap between their today and their destiny.” Sudden Impact Solutions is one of few companies that offer confidentially agreements to all clients regardless of financial or social status.  This is our way of demonstrating our dedication to you, our client, and ensuring the highest quality of respect and professionalism is maintained as we strive to exceed your expectations.  


Recent Books and Publications

  • Teenage Girls: The Guide for Health, Wellness & Self-Esteem

  • Sister, Why You Hate Me? Ending the Cycle of Sister to Sister Hate

  • Beyond Theory: Practical Strategies for Making A Difference in Schools

  • Woman Power: Strategies for Female Leaders


Certifications and Professional Affiliations                                                

  • Schultz Center Fellow

  • Florida Department of Education-Certification

  • PWN Certified Consultant, Coach, and Trainer

  • Educational Leadership Certification

  • Level II School Principal Certification

  • Leadership Development Mentor and Project Facilitator

  • National Association of Secondary School Principals

  • National Alliance of Black School Educators

  • E3 Business Group Leadership, Business, and Entrepreneurial Development Certified

  • PWN Certified Speaker and Author Bureau

  • Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated


Dr. Felita D. Grant-Featured Consultant

Dr. Felita D. Grant has served as an educator in the state of Florida for 21 years. She has 16 years of administrative

experience at the elementary, secondary, district, collegiate and state level. She is a graduate of the University of

Florida, Nova Southeastern University and has a Doctoral Degree in Educational Leadership & Policy Studies from

the University of South Florida. Dr. Grant is the proud mother of two children, and describes herself as being a

passionate servant leader for our students. Her motto is, “Every day presents at least one opportunity to make a

positive difference.” 




Scott Taylor-Featured Consultant

Scott Taylor is a former principal and a motivational speaker. Under Scott’s direction schools have made exceptional

gains on state achievement tests. As Principal his school was listed on three Missouri Top 10 lists and Crestwood’s

total math score was the top score in St. Louis County.  Crestwood also scored in the Top 10 in Missouri in both

Communication Arts and Mathematics. Crestwood’s subgroup scores have been the highest in St. Louis County.

Crestwood’s black, free/reduced, ELL and IEP subgroups are performing at a very high level.  Scott has presented in

17 states for thousands of educators.  Scott has presented workshops at the local, state and national level including

at the NAESP convention, with the H.O.P.E. Foundation.  His educational articles have been published locally and

nationally as well. Scott is a past recipient of the “St. Louis Distinguished Principal of the Year Award” for the

Fort Zumwalt School District.




                             Tyrone Olverson-Featured Consultant

Educational Consultant, Author, Professional Development Facilitator, Tyrone Olverson is Superintendent of

Finneytown Local School District in Ohio. He is a former curriculum director and principal in Licking Heights Local 

School District. Credited with transforming schools and school systems, many going from underperforming to

nationally ranked,he has helped to move over 50 schools in various states throughout the country.   


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